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USED Size 2/4 Female Dressing Form
5'10" Cream White Jersey, wooden Tripod Base

Style Number: B2W-FR1-USED
Weight 12.00 lbs
Height 28.5 in ( form only)
Shoulder to Shoulder 14 in
Bust 32 in
Waist 21.5 in
Hip 33.5 in
Sales Price: $59.99
  • USED female dress form with tripod wooden base
  • Size 2/4 approximately
  • Off white Jersey covered body form fit variety purpose
  • Easy Assembly and Dressing clothes is easy
  • Hard Form construction permits pinning directly
  • Adjustable position from 5' to 5' 10" in height
  • Form can be taken off the pole and displayed free standing on a platform
  • there may have dirty spot on the outsite jersey or small dent on the body form or paint scratch on wooden base

USED item sold as it, No return and No exchange