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5 ft 7 in Male Mannequin Small Size,
Skintone Face Makeup

Style Number: CB19-FT
Height 5 ft 7 in
Shoulder to Shoulder 17 in
Bust 32.5 in
Waist 27 in
Hip 34 in
Inseam 28 in
Sales Price: $229.98
  • Brand New, College Junior or Small Adult size Male mannequin
  • Perfect for Race car driver uniform
  • Skin tone finish, face Make up, painted blue eye
  • Made of fiberglass material, durable and smooth finish
  • This mannequin consists of four major components
  • Arms can be rotated around shoulder, but no bendable at elbow
  • Easy Assembly and easy Dressing
  • Tempered glass base and Calf rod included FREE
  • Abstract face with neutral white finish will fit variety location
  • You are buying from Factory Direct!
  • Shipped from our NYC area warehouse

Due to the nature of handcrafted work small imperfections are normal and should not be considered defects.