Female Injection Form-M/L

Style Number: QXS-77B
Weight 2.00 lbs
Height 29 in (form only)
Shoulder to Shoulder 17 in
Bust 29 in ( 33in if it is full round)
Waist 22 in ( 24in if it is full round)
Hip 29 in ( 33in if it is full round)
Inseam 4 in
Sales Price: $7.50
Note: you must order at least 25 items
  • 25 Pieces included in each case ( Case sell only)
  • 6" Half Round design
  • Deep, Includes Chrome Hook, Heavy duty Form
  • This rigid affordable form is tough enough to withstand constant use
  • Will not tear easily and has more depth than vacuum-formed versions
  • The plastic on these forms is much thicker then the plastic that is typically used for vacuum formed forms
  • Dressing clothes is easy
  • Matt Black finished surface