Size 2/4 Female
Dressing Form & Tripod Base

Style Number: B2W-NF
Weight 12.00 lbs
Height 28.5 in ( form only)
Shoulder to Shoulder 14 in
Bust 32 in
Waist 21.5 in
Hip 33.5 in
Sales Price: $119.99
  • Size 2/4 approximately
  • Off white Jersey covered body form fit variety purpose
  • Easy Assembly and Dressing clothes is easy
  • Hard Form construction permits pinning directly
  • High quality finished Solid wood, natural wood finish flat neck cap & tripod included
  • Adjustable position from 5' to 5' 10" in height
  • Form can be taken off the pole and displayed free standing on a platform

Due to the nature of handcrafted work small imperfections are normal and should not be considered defects.